Buyer and Home Inspections


Before you commit to signing away on the dotted line, have our reliable and knowledgeable team come out to professionally inspect your home. As a buyer, it is easy to fall in love with a home after one walkthrough, but if you knew what a home inspector could find out, maybe you’d think twice about that potential dream home. We are here to help you feel confident and proud of your potential new home. Let us help you with our comprehensive home inspections in and around Tarrant County, TX.

Seller Inspections

A seller inspection will supply the knowledge of any existing repairs or damages that are in place. Our seller inspections give the seller time to decide if they are going to find a contractor to fix the repairs or leave them be. It is the best information you can have before trying to sell your home. Don’t let there be any surprises in the selling process, and hire our team by giving us a call now in Hood County, TX, or any areas nearby.

3 Phase Construction

Our guaranteed 3 phase construction is a complete and comprehensive service for those that want a complete transformation to happen before their eyes. From concept to completion, our team is here to help inform you of the entire process while you sit back and watch it happen before you. From reports on your foundation to help with the buying of insurance to pre-drywall to the final inspection, our team is here to take care of it all. Insurance companies love photographs, which is why we will document everything. Call us now to get started in Midland, TX, and all surrounding areas.

Farm Inspection

A properly executed farm inspection will help ensure the safety and health of all farm family members or workers. A farm inspection will also reduce the risk or likelihood of any future costly accidents. Most farming accidents are absolutely preventable, and a reliable and trustworthy inspection will ensure that claim. So if your farm is due for an inspection, trust our knowledgeable and honest team to come out and provide you with the most thorough inspection available in and around Wise County, TX.

Barn Inspection

After years of building and installing foundational building frames, our team knows exactly what to look for in a barn inspection. From foundational repair to structure repair, and everything in between, our team is sure to produce you a 100% accurate inspection, so to ensure the safety of your livestock, workers, family, and friends. Trust our team today in Parker County, TX, and every surrounding county.